A Father’s Love

Here is a story that I absolutely LOVE that I found in the book Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul. 😀


A Father’s Love


His name was Brian, and he was a student at the small high school I attended. Brian was a special-education studen who was constantly searching for attention, but usually got it for the wrong reasons. Students who wanted to have some “fun” would ask, “Brian, are you the Incredible Hulk?” He would then run down the halls soaring and flexing. He was the joke of the school and was “entertainment” for those who watched. Brian, who was looking for acceptance, didn’t realize they were laughing at him and not with him.

One day I couldn’t take it anymore. I told the other students I had had enough of their game and to knock it off. “Aw, come on, Mike! We’re just having fun. Who do you think you are, anyway?” The teasing didn’t stop for long, but Brian latched onto me that day. I had stuck up for him, and now he was my buddy. Thoughts of, What will people think of you vif you are friends with Brian? swirled through my head, but I forced them out as I realized God wanted me to treat Brian as I would want to be treated.

Later that week, I invited Brian over to my house to play video games. We sat there playing video games and drinking Tang. Pretty soon, he started asking me questions like, “Hey, Mike. Where do you go to church?” I politely answered his questions, then turned my concentration back to the video games. He kept asking me questions about God, and why I w as different from some of the kids at school. Finally, my girlfriend, Kristi, pulled me aside and said, “Michael, he needs to talk. How about you go down to your room where you can talk privately?” My perceptive girlfriend had picked up on the cues better than I had.

As soon as we got to my room, Brian asked again, “Hey, Mike. How come you’re not like some of the other kids at school?” I wanted to tell him about the difference God had made in my life. I got out my Bible and shared John 3:16 and some verses in Romans with him. I explained taht God loved him just the way he was, and that He had sent Jesus down to Earth to die on a cross, rise from the dead and make it possible for everyone, especially Brian, to spend eternity in heaven if they believed. I didn’t know if he was comprehending what I was telling him, but when I finished explaining, I asked him if he wanted to pray with me. He said that he would like that.

We prayed together: “God, I know I’m a sinner, and that even if I were the only person on Earth, You still would have sent Your Son down to die on a cross for me and take my place. I accept the gift of salvation that you offer, and I ask that You come into my heart and take control. Thank You, Lord. Amen.”

I looked at Brian and said, “Brian, if you meant those words you just prayed, where is Jesus right now?”

He pointed to his heart and said, “He’s in here now.”

Then he did something I will never forget as long as I live. Brian hugged the Bible to his chest, lay down on the bed and let the tears flow down the side of his cheeks. When I cry, my sobbing is very loud, but Brian’s was unearthly silent as the emotions he’d held inside let loose. Finally, he said, “Mike, do you know that the love God has for me must be like the love a husband has for his wife?”

I was floored.

Here was someone who had trouble comprehending things in school, but had now understood one of eternity’s great truths. He lay there for another five minutes or so as the tears continued to flow.

I still remember the incredible feeling I had at that moment: a high higher than anything a substance could ever give, the high knowing that God works miracles in everyday life. John 10:10 immediately came to my mind: “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

About a week later everything came into perspective for me. Brian really opened up to me. He explained taht his dad had left him and his mom when he was five years old. As Brian stood on the porch that day, his dad told him he was leaving because he couldn’t deal with having a son like him anymore. Then he walked out of Brian’s life and was never seen again. Brian told me he had been looking for his dad ever since. Now I knew why the tears kept flowing that day in my bedroom. His search was over. He found what he had been looking for since he was five years old: a Father’s love.

Michael T. Powers

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Verse of the Day – 1 John 2:15-16

“[On Not Loving the World] Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in them. For everything in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—comes not from the Father but from the world.” 1 John 2:15-16 NIV


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A Dead Bird – Possible Causes of Death

Do not be fooled by the title – this will not be a gory post. Okay, maybe so. But funny gory. Mostly.

Let’s start with a picture of it:

I’ve identified it as a female finch of some species, though you can never be sure unless you’re an expert birder. There are too many finch types, I have no idea what is what. I found the poor thing outside of the store Hobby Lobby today, and I thought that it might be fun to think up “possible causes of death,” as the title states. First, we must think up a name for it. I’m guessing that it’s a girl, so let’s call it…Jane! No offense to you Jane’s out there. Now, here we go:

  1. Jane was flying along, her little weightless body working fine. She’d been away for her nest for only one reason: her relatives were hungry, and in need of food. She’d just found a wasp and was about to kill it when it buzzed over her head, so she quickly followed it. Jane chased it all the way to Hobby Lobby when it finally landed. Unfortunately, it landed in an un-approachable place for a bird; the corner of the building, meaning it was basically in between two walls. You’d think Jane would give up at that point, but no, Jane was a tough one, and if she wanted something, she made sure she got it. She zoomed at the wall and tried to wedge her beak between the walls, but failed. She came at such a speed and her beak hit the wall with such a intense force that she became knocked out and fell to the ground, which ended up killing her.
  2. She was looking for a possible place to make a new nest when she saw one of her teenage fledglings flew into Hobby Lobby, so she fainted right there on the spot.
  3. Of old age, Jane just happened to choose the sidewalk next to Hobby Lobby to die.
  4. Her stomach hadn’t been agreeing with her for at least a week. She had a horrible headache, and it hurt to fly. It also hurt to try to interact with her family, she was in such agony. She was hungry, so she softly landed on the concrete beside the Hobby Lobby building and ate a few ants. Jane didn’t feel like she could fly anymore at that moment, so she laid down and took a nap. That nap turned into death. (Read ‘death’ with over-exaggeration. “That nap turned into DEATH.“)
  5. Jane had been having a nice conversation with her older sister. Somehow, they’d started discussing turkeys. “Why do people eat turkeys?” Jane had asked. “I don’t know, apparantely they taste good to them,” her sister replied with disgust. “What are turkeys, anyway?” Jane had asked. “Don’t you know? They’re big birds.” Jane was so shocked by her sister’s answer that she just fainted, right there on the spot. She just happened to choose the sidewalk of Hobby Lobby.
  6. She saw an old lady wearing feather earrings, and died right there because of the pain in her heart for her distant relatives.

Will add more sad things that could’ve happened to her. >:D Do you have any suggestions?


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Harry Potter

So I think Joshua and I were allowed to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone last year, and we ended up loving it. This year, we watched the second and third year, and right now, at this very moment, Joshua is watching the fourth. 😀 I like the third the best, I think, but this post is dedicated to the first year.

He’s SOOOOOOOO little! 😀 Isn’t he the cutest little thing you ever saw? Plus he’s balancing Hedwig on his arm. 😀

Just before letters exploded through the house, Uncle Vernon said “Do you know what I love about Sundays?” Harry said, “No post.” “Right you are, Harry!” Vernon said. “No post on Sundays. Hah!” That’s when Harry notices a ton of owls gathering outside. “No blasted, bloody letters on Sundays,” Vernon merrily continues. That part in the movie is my favorite part with the Dudleys. 😀

Hagrid is my favorite character!!! 😀 Seriously, they don’t give him enough parts in every movie. 😦 I’M NOT KIDDING. It’s not nice. He’s the best character and they give him few parts. *sigh* Though I do like how he’s a teacher during the third year. :mrgreen:

Yes, Hermione is cute. But I think her hair is just a bit too poofy. The picture above isn’t even that bad of a picture, but in the movie, her hair is like “SUPER-POOF.” haha 😀 I like her though. “Stop, stop stop, you’re going to knock someone’s eye out,” and “It’s levi-O-saw, not levi-o-SAW” are two of my favorite lines by her.

Ron is my favorite student. 😀 He was so cute in the first one! I love how his name in real life is Rupert… 😯 Soooo darn cute! I think of him as Ron and Rupert, not just Ron or just Rupert. XD haha

Wow, intense face there, Draco. What I think is funny is that in the books and the movies, everyone calls him Malfoy. Yes, that’s his last name, but why does everyone call just him by his last name? No one calls Crabbe and Goyle by their last names. XD


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Double-Wattled Cassowary

The name “cassowary” comes from the Papuan word “kasu-weri,” which means “horn head.”

They’re one of the largest birds in the world. They measure up to 50-60 inches in length, and can weigh up to 130 lbs. The horn-like casque on their heads can be as high as 6 inches. This casque is thought to help them when running through dense brush. Their top speed is around 30 mph. It is the second largest bird in Australia, the largest is the Emu.

They can be found in New Guinea and parts of north-eastern Australia. They eat mostly grasses, shoots, fungi and insects.

Cassowaries lay eggs around May and June. The average clutch size is 5 eggs, but some have laid up to 8. The eggs are pale green, and the nest is made on the ground from leaves. After the female lays the eggs, the male sits on them and protects them from predators. It takes up to 50 days for the eggs to hatch.

Due to habitat loss, all three cassowary species are at risk in the wild and are classified as vulnerable animals.

Special Thanks To:





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Verse of the Day – 1 Timothy 4:12

1 Timothy 4:12

New International Version (NIV)

12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

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Such an inspirational quote! 😀

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Listening to Music, ASL Style

Ever heard of ASL (American Sign Language)? Ever heard of music? ( 😉 ) Put both together, and you’ve got ASL music. Ever tried listening to a song you know the words to and signing to it instead of singing? I have. It’s fun. So does this girl.

Ah, Grenade by Bruno Mars. I love that song, I’ve listened to it before I saw this video, mainly because I heard it on the radio. I love that song…but I’ve never listened to anymore of Bruno’s music. XD Anyway, the girl doing the ASL is really good at it. 😀 Here’s another song by her:

The song Stronger by Mandisa. I’ve heard it on the radio before, but I’ve never listened to it otherwise. I like her ASL in this video best. I like how she makes it look like she’s huddled under an umbrella. XD hehe

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the videos! 😀


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Turkey Awesomeness

Okay so I know we’re not having turkey for Thanksgiving this year, but I suddenly thought of a great idea: I could look up turkey crafts in a search engine. 😀 I found some great results, check ’em out:

This one’s pretty cute and simple. It’s not my favorite, but it is cute. :mrgreen: All you have to use for it are a pinecone, construction paper, googly eyes, and tissue paper. 😀

I think this one is my third favorite. I like how all the person used for it was paint, markers, and a googly eye. 8)

Okay, I’m challenging you now – TRY STATING ONE THING THAT IS CUTER THAN THIS. Just try, I dare you.

Can’t think of one, right? >:) I knew you wouldn’t be able to. This one is my favorite!!! 😀 All you’d use for it are two googly eyes, half of a fake flower, felt, and two pieces of ribbon. 😀

This one’s pretty darn cute, too, but not half as cute as the previous one. What you’d use is a pinecone, felt, a pom-pom, and pipe cleaners.


This one is ADORABLE! 😀 But still not half as cute as the one above the last one. 😉 What you’d need is googly eyes, constuction paper and a cup! 😛

And now, to end my little post, a turkey quote I found: “Really, I’m just a peacock. This is my fall look.” Does that mean we’re eating peacocks? O.O haha




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I Love Sudoku!

According to my Sudoku book, it is “the original brain workout from Japan.” The Japanese are SO cool. 😉 Sudoku is really fun. The reason I found out how to do it was because of my aunt, who had a virtual Sudoku in her car. Virtual Sudoku is harder than doing Sudoku on paper, because if you put a number in the wrong place, there’s no taking it away. That’s why I always do it on paper, with a mechanical pencil.

I wanted to play Virtual Sudoku because it looked cool enough – nine columns, with nine blocks in each one. I tried to figure out how to do it with some sad help from my aunt. Until I found Sudoku on paper, I thought that it was super hard. Well, on paper, it’s not.

In my book, it has a good explanation on how to play. Let me give you a little explanation. It’ll probably be horrible and non-understandable, but just give me a chance, okay? 😉

Okay, take a look at the Sudoku puzzle I’ve put in this post. The numbers range from 1-9. There can only be one of each number in each row, and column.

Okay, I know that didn’t give you enough of an explanation, so here’s a good explanation from ehow.com 😉

  1. Look at the size of your diagram. Each row, column and square on your diagram must have each number once but no more. For example, in a diagram measuring 9 by 9, each row, column and square must have the digits 1 through 9 once without duplication of any number.
  2. Analyze the location of squares that already are filled in. If a box has a 5 and 9, you know that the box needs the seven other digits to be complete. Look at the diagram in terms of three sections, the top, middle and bottom boxes in rows.
  3. Use a pencil to fill in possible numbers so you can erase them if you’re wrong. It’s easier to write “5 or 6” in a box than to remember that the number in that box needs to be one or the other. Use a pen to finalize your answer if you know a number is correct.
  4. Continue filling in boxes until each row, column and box has all digits once and only once. Check your work along the way to verify you don’t have duplicated numbers.

As my mother said, I’m obsessed with it. But hey, she doesn’t even understand the concept, why should she care? 😉 I’m still a beginning Sudokuer — wait, is that what we’re called? Sudokuers? I have no idea. Anyway, I hope that, if you haven’t already tried at least ONE puzzle, you now try at least one after reading this post. 😉

By the way, “Apparently, there are 6,670, 903, 752, 021, 072, 936,960 possible games,” says my book. 😯 A bit overwhelming, isn’t it? The first six in that number…what ‘illion’ is that? O.O There’s thousand, then million, then billion, then trillion…what comes after that? XD

Signing off!  Have a great day 😀


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