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Photo Challenge

I found it yesterday on Pinterest. 😀 It’s where at the beginning of a new month, you start taking pictures of certain things once a day. I can’t wait to start! (I’m starting tomorrow. lol) Here’s the list of things

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Hey! 😀 If you’re wondering why I haven’t been doing posts on here since last Monday, it’s because I’m taking a break from take-too-long-to-load-on-our-computer-WordPress. I’m currently doing! It’s almost exactly the same as WordPress, but it loads faster on

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Zoo Visit

All of the reptile house pictures were taken by ME. 🙂 If you’re wondering why I didn’t label some of them, it’s because I forgot what they’re called. 😆 You can’t name photos on our camera while they’re still on

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About Pinterest…

You know how I’m on Pinterst, right? 😉 Well, my mom’s also on Pinterest. 😀 You might want to check her out! 😉 ~M~

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is by far my favorite chocolate candy. 😀 The only thing that ties with Reese’s is Almond Joy/Mounds… O.O Sooooooooooo good. M&M’s are also good, but not as good as Almond Joy/Mounds and Reese’s. 😉 I

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Carolina Wren Tenants!

Okay…so a few days ago, we had put a container with two cups in it outside. A day later, a ton of junk from the ground (stuff that had fallen from the trees) had gotten inside. I was thinking about dumping

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Two Pinterest’s of the Day’s

Hahahaha, sorry I wasn’t able to do like four days of Pinterest of the Day posts…SUPER busy week last week, hope y’all don’t mind. 😉 ~M~

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