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A Dead Bird – Possible Causes of Death

Do not be fooled by the title – this will not be a gory post. Okay, maybe so. But funny gory. Mostly. Let’s start with a picture of it: I’ve identified it as a female finch of some species, though

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Ever After

Ever After is a great re-telling of the original Cinderella story. I really like all the characters in it. Even the bad characters were casted well. 😉   I liked Danielle, but there are two things I don’t like about

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Thanksgiving…with No Turkey

It’s traditional to have turkey for Thanksgiving, right? Yes, it is. But it’s not required. This year for Thanksgiving, we’re not having turkey. For one, my mom doesn’t know how to cook one. Second, we’re not even big fans of

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Pinterest: Humor

Things that I’ve found from Pinterest that I think are hilarious! 😀 See more on my LOL board! Mmm, the good moms aren’t so good… 😯 LOL! Although it’s not so mini…it lasts for a few seconds, but your heart

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