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For Pinterest #3


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For Pinterest #2

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Lego Loki Drawings

Here’s what Loki pretty much looks like in the comics Lego Avengers comics in Joshua’s Lego magazines. 😀 Aaaand this is my edited version, which is slightly easier to draw, in my opinion, and is cuter (although the ones above

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For Pinterest


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Round Robin!

I did my first swap with some friends on 😀 This is a pic of Round Robin with my stuffed animal, Baby Garfield. 😀   This is a picture of Round Robin next to my bookshelf. 😀   And

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Loki, the God of Mischief, is my favorite character from the movie, Thor. Loki is Thor’s younger, adopted brother. 😀 Loki also appeared in The Avengers, and he’s probabbly going to be in Thor 2 which they’re going to make

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I need to keep up with this blog!!! Grr…LOL. I changed the theme and I LOVE IT! I love how when you scroll, the blog get’s brighter! 😀 I’ve never seen a blog that does that! I’ve been pinning a

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