Turkey Awesomeness

Okay so I know we’re not having turkey for Thanksgiving this year, but I suddenly thought of a great idea: I could look up turkey crafts in a search engine. 😀 I found some great results, check ’em out:

This one’s pretty cute and simple. It’s not my favorite, but it is cute. :mrgreen: All you have to use for it are a pinecone, construction paper, googly eyes, and tissue paper. 😀

I think this one is my third favorite. I like how all the person used for it was paint, markers, and a googly eye. 8)

Okay, I’m challenging you now – TRY STATING ONE THING THAT IS CUTER THAN THIS. Just try, I dare you.

Can’t think of one, right? >:) I knew you wouldn’t be able to. This one is my favorite!!! 😀 All you’d use for it are two googly eyes, half of a fake flower, felt, and two pieces of ribbon. 😀

This one’s pretty darn cute, too, but not half as cute as the previous one. What you’d use is a pinecone, felt, a pom-pom, and pipe cleaners.


This one is ADORABLE! 😀 But still not half as cute as the one above the last one. 😉 What you’d need is googly eyes, constuction paper and a cup! 😛

And now, to end my little post, a turkey quote I found: “Really, I’m just a peacock. This is my fall look.” Does that mean we’re eating peacocks? O.O haha





I'm a twelve-year old homeschooled Christian who loves nuthatches. Don't forget to check out my blogs! https://nuthatchlover.wordpress.com/

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3 comments on “Turkey Awesomeness
  1. Valerie says:

    Soooo cute, Maggie! 😀 I love the second and third ones! Lol That FACE!!

  2. […] daughter did a post that is just too cute of turkey crafts she found online. We’ll be making at least a few of […]

  3. Maggie ♥ says:

    ME, TOO! The third one is just too cute…haha! 😀

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