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A Dead Bird – Possible Causes of Death

Do not be fooled by the title – this will not be a gory post. Okay, maybe so. But funny gory. Mostly. Let’s start with a picture of it: I’ve identified it as a female finch of some species, though

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For Pinterest #8

Um I found the picture and Bible verse on Pinterest, and put both together and made a cool pic thing. XD Here you go: 😀 ~M~

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To Kill A Mockingbird…yes, I’m reading it.

Yes, me, reading an adult classic! 😀 My mom thought it was alright, because there isn’t that much bad language in it. I’m enjoying reading it, I’m basically halfway through. 😀 How did you discover it? I’ve known about it

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Zoo Visit

All of the reptile house pictures were taken by ME. 🙂 If you’re wondering why I didn’t label some of them, it’s because I forgot what they’re called. 😆 You can’t name photos on our camera while they’re still on

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Pinterest of the Day #6

Sorry I didn’t do one yesterday…really stressful, busy day… 😕 ~M~

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Indigo Buntings and American Goldfinches

  Male Indigo Buntings are so pretty! So are American Goldfinches… 😉 Okay, yes, the title is inaccurate; there’s only one American Goldfinch picture… ;)But”Indigo Buntings and American Goldfinch” or “An American Goldfinch and Indigo Buntings” wouldn’t look as good.

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