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A Dead Bird – Possible Causes of Death

Do not be fooled by the title – this will not be a gory post. Okay, maybe so. But funny gory. Mostly. Let’s start with a picture of it: I’ve identified it as a female finch of some species, though

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Double-Wattled Cassowary

The name “cassowary” comes from the Papuan word “kasu-weri,” which means “horn head.” They’re one of the largest birds in the world. They measure up to 50-60 inches in length, and can weigh up to 130 lbs. The horn-like casque

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Turkey Awesomeness

Okay so I know we’re not having turkey for Thanksgiving this year, but I suddenly thought of a great idea: I could look up turkey crafts in a search engine. 😀 I found some great results, check ’em out: This one’s

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Thanksgiving…with No Turkey

It’s traditional to have turkey for Thanksgiving, right? Yes, it is. But it’s not required. This year for Thanksgiving, we’re not having turkey. For one, my mom doesn’t know how to cook one. Second, we’re not even big fans of

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To Kill A Mockingbird…yes, I’m reading it.

Yes, me, reading an adult classic! 😀 My mom thought it was alright, because there isn’t that much bad language in it. I’m enjoying reading it, I’m basically halfway through. 😀 How did you discover it? I’ve known about it

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For Pinterest #5 and #6


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For Pinterest #4

I took this picture in our backyard, then uploaded the picture on Photbucket. 😀

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