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Heh, Heh…

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much lately…I’ve been doing other stuff on the Web, such as Ravelry, and my other WordPress blog. ~M~ Advertisements

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New Blog! Check it out! 😀 It’s mine. 😉 I made it today. I’m planning to post an animal profile each day. 😀 ~M~

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Baby Birds and their Parents!

I didn’t take any of these pics. 😉 ENJOY!!! ~M~

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Here are some adorable/hilarious kitten/cat pictures! I didn’t make/take any of these pics…I found them on Bing. 😆 ~M~

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New Wii Remote, and Remote Accessory!

So…after Joshua and I finished lunch, we started doing electronics. 😀 (Before that, we were doing school). Mom opened the door and found a brown package! O.e  We weren’t expecting anything (OR SO WE THOUGHT!) so Joshua and I were

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SpongeBob on YouTube

If you’re wondering why I gave the title of each SpongeBob episode on my SpongeBob Quote posts ( and ) is so that you can look up the episodes on YouTube, and see the episodes for youselves! 😀 Just thought

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SpongeBob Quotes! #2

Here are some quotes from one of my favorite episodes from Season One of SpongeBob SquarePants! These quotes are from the episode “Plankton!” Quote #1 {Shortly after Plankton takes control of SpongeBob, the sponge busts through Squidward’s wall and out

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