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Thanksgiving…with No Turkey

It’s traditional to have turkey for Thanksgiving, right? Yes, it is. But it’s not required. This year for Thanksgiving, we’re not having turkey. For one, my mom doesn’t know how to cook one. Second, we’re not even big fans of

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Tuck Everlasting

I found the book today, which is written by Natalie Babbit, but I also enjoyed the movie. 😀 ~About the Movie~ Tuck Everlasting is the story of a girl named Winnie and a family whom she meets, the Tucks. The

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For Pinterest #8

Um I found the picture and Bible verse on Pinterest, and put both together and made a cool pic thing. XD Here you go: 😀 ~M~

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Heaven is for Real

From the back cover: A young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven. Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during

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To Kill A Mockingbird…yes, I’m reading it.

Yes, me, reading an adult classic! 😀 My mom thought it was alright, because there isn’t that much bad language in it. I’m enjoying reading it, I’m basically halfway through. 😀 How did you discover it? I’ve known about it

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Lego Loki Drawings

Here’s what Loki pretty much looks like in the comics Lego Avengers comics in Joshua’s Lego magazines. 😀 Aaaand this is my edited version, which is slightly easier to draw, in my opinion, and is cuter (although the ones above

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Round Robin!

I did my first swap with some friends on 😀 This is a pic of Round Robin with my stuffed animal, Baby Garfield. 😀   This is a picture of Round Robin next to my bookshelf. 😀   And

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