Tuck Everlasting

I found the book today, which is written by Natalie Babbit, but I also enjoyed the movie. 😀

~About the Movie~

Tuck Everlasting is the story of a girl named Winnie and a family whom she meets, the Tucks. The Tucks have a secret, they’re immortal.They drank water from a spring that was actually a fountain of youth. Until the end of time, they will stay that way. Winnie falls in love with one of the Tucks, Jesse, a “17”-year-old boy who shares the same feelings for her. Scared of death, Winnie must choose between being immortal and being with Jesse or following the circle of life and dying someday. The Tucks try to teach her how she shouldn’t fear death, how they would give anything to die. It teaches the importance and understanding of life and death.It shows that you should not fear death, but to fear an unlived life.


The movie is definitely a family movie. The only reason it’s rated PG is because of some violence. 😛 I enjoyed watching it; I liked all of the characters, except  for the creepy mysterious guy. O.O Haha. My favorite part was where the sherrif shot Jesse and he fell over, then he shot Miles, but then they both stood back up because THEY’RE IMMORTAL!!! 😀

~About the Book~

Natalie Babbitt delves into immortality in her book Tuck Everlasting. The Tuck family consists of Angus and Mae and their two boys, Miles and Jesse. Almost one hundred years prior to the setting of the story, the entire family drank from a spring that granted them immortal life. They cannot die or be injured because of this. Winnie Foster meets Jesse Tuck while trying to escape from her restrictive life. The Tuck family tries to convince Winnie to drink from the spring as well and join them for eternity. The story focuses on the dangers of immortality, especially if it were possible for everyone in the world to achieve it.


Have you read the book or watched the movie? Comment and tell me! 😀



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