Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet

Directed by Gary Winick


Sophie – Amanda Seyfried (age 24)


Victor – Gael Garcia Bernal (age 31)


Claire – Vanessa Redgrave (age 73)


Lorenzo – Franco Nero (age 68)


Charlie – Christopher Egan (26)


Fast Facts

The film was written by Jose Rivera and Tim Sullivan.

It was based on real events.

It was adapted from the non-fiction book “Letters to Juliet,” which was written by Lisa and Ceil Friedman.


The movie was filmed in New York and also in Italy (just northeast of Siena.

Vannessa and Franco are married in real life.

It cost $30 million to make. The movie was released on May 14th, 2010. On opening weekend, it earned over $13 million in the US. It totaled over $53 million by August 2010.

I’d recommend this movie to gals of all ages ‘cause it’s more of a female movie than a fella one.




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