Photo Challenge

I found it yesterday on Pinterest. πŸ˜€

It’s where at the beginning of a new month, you start taking pictures of certain things once a day.

I can’t wait to start! :mrgreen: (I’m starting tomorrow. lol) Here’s the list of things I’m going to be taking pictures of. πŸ˜›

Day 1: self portrait
Day 2: what i wore
Day 3: clouds
Day 4: fav color
Day 5: someone i love
Day 6: childhood memory
Day 7: something new
Day 8: technology
Day 9: faceless self portrait
Day 10: something i made
Day 11: something fun
Day 12: close-up
Day 13: from a distance
Day 14: flowers
Day 15: my shoes
Day 16: what i ate
Day 17: on the shelf
Day 18: in my bag
Day 19: where i slept
Day 20: what i read
Day 21: pretty pattern
Day 22: trees
Day 23: sunset
Day 24: a smile
Day 25: sunflare
Day 26: something old
Day 27: after dark
Day 28: daily routine
Day 29: purchased
Day 30: in motion


I'm a twelve-year old homeschooled Christian who loves nuthatches. Don't forget to check out my blogs!

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2 comments on “Photo Challenge
  1. Musical says:

    OOH, I like!!! Can I do this also? πŸ˜€

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