Zoo Visit

All of the reptile house pictures were taken by ME. 🙂 If you’re wondering why I didn’t label some of them, it’s because I forgot what they’re called. 😆 You can’t name photos on our camera while they’re still on the camera. lol

I have to tell you that Joshua, my younger brother, identifyed the Monitor Lizard. 😀 He didn’t call it its full name (Ring-Necked Monitor Lizard), but the second half of it is still pretty good when I had NO idea what it was.

Oh, and Gilla Monster is labeled because it’s kinda hard to forget what they’re called. 😉

One of the last animals we saw was the Victoria Crowned Pigeon. 😀 They have nice mohawks…hehe



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5 comments on “Zoo Visit
  1. nonoymanga says:

    very nice wild life shots!!! thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. sammwak says:

    could you please show me how to do these emoticons? (I actually have to COPY THEM OFF THIS SITE when I need them):

    – The really happy smiley face where his head is green instead of yellow
    – The smiley face “gif” where he kinda chuckles
    – The smiley face “eye roll gif”
    – The “straight face” smiley face where his mouth kinda curves
    – The “scared face” where his eyes bulge out


    ~S~ 😀

  3. Jennifer says:

    That photo of you and the baby with the parakeet is so adorable! I have a pet green and yellow parakeet, and I used to have a blue and white one too. 😀 Parakeets are so colorful compared to other birds. 🙂

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