Carolina Wren Tenants!

Okay…so a few days ago, we had put a container with two cups in it outside. A day later, a ton of junk from the ground (stuff that had fallen from the trees) had gotten inside. I was thinking about dumping it out (THANKFULLY I DIDN’T!), but changed my mind and left it alone.

The day before yesterday, I watched a Carolina Wren fly up and land on the brim of the container. Suddenly, I realized it had stuff from the ground in its beak! I excitedly watched as it hopped down inside and came back up a few seconds later without the stuff in its beak.

For the past few days, we’ve been eagerly watching the wrens go back and forth, taking turns adding onto the little home they’re making. 😀 Today, I found out there’s three making the nest – Mrs. Wren, Mr. Wren, and most likely a fledgling from their most recent brood. Carolina Wrens are known (in GA, at least) to have 2-3 broods. They’re probably having their second or third brood at our home.

Okay, so they’re not technically our tenants…they’re not paying…but they’re still living with us. 😉 We could kick them out of we wanted to! All we’d have to do is move the nest or mess with their little home…but we wouldn’t do that. 😆

Here’s a pic my mom took yesterday of the nest. :mrgreen: They just keep adding onto it! Wonder when Mrs. Wren will lay the eggs…lol.

Here’s a pic of one of them about to put nesting material in their nest! 😀 I took it. 😉 Although I have to admit it’s not that good a picture…lol 😆

BTW, I’m doing this instead of Pinterest of the Day…WordPress has been acting strange lately. 😕



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