SpongeBob Quotes!

These quotes are from the awesome SpongeBob SquarePants episode, “I Had An Accident”! 😉 See below!

Also, the pic above was taken after SpongeBob broke his bottom, and he said he’d stay inside and play with Penny, Chip, and Dirty Napkin! 😆

Quote #1

{SpongeBob is sandboarding while Sandy, Patrick, and Squidward are watching.}

SpongeBob: “Hey, look, Sandy, I can do the Grouchy Squidward!”

Squidward: “Stop naming me after moods.”

{SpongeBob changes his face to look similar to Squidward’s.}

SpongeBob: (Speaks in similar Squidward voice) “Everyone’s an idiot except for me.”

Squidward: “Well, it’s true.” *Take a sip of whatever was in the cup he was holding.*

{SpongeBob laughs a similar Squidward laugh, then Patrick and Sandy laugh.}

Quote #2

{After SpongeBob breaks his bottom and the doctor fixes it, he’s wandering around Bikini Bottom, and all around him fish are doing things that involve their bottoms. SpongeBob freaks out so much, he runs back home.}

SpongeBob: (Says loudly,) “My butt’s not SAFE out here!!!” *Slams door behind him.*


Anyway, I just thought I’d share these quotes with you! 😀 Enjoy!




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