I Don’t Mean to Neglect

I’ve been neglecting this blog recently…lol 😉 And I’m sorry. I feel horrible for being a horrible blogger. 😉 I WILL start doing better. :mrgreen:

Today, I’m going to post about my latest novel I’m writing – Meet the Toadies. 😆 It’s about the toads from Super Mario Brothers. 😀 The main characters are…

Toad with Red Dots: Cousin Toadie, who is Blue and Yellow Toadie’s older cousin

Toad with Blue Dots: Blue Toadie, who is Yellow Toadie’s mischievous little brother

Toad with Yellow Dots (up top): Yellow Toadie, who is Blue Toadie’s smart big brother

Toad with Brown Dots: Grandpa Toadie, who is Cousin Blue and Yellow Toadie’s absentminded, short-of-hearing grandfather

Toad with Green Dots: Grass Toadie, who is Cousin Toadie’s adorable baby brother, and Yellow and Blue Toadie’s cousin

Here’s an exerpt – sorry the first part’s so big, I can’t change it! 😕 Strange…

Today, Yellow Toadie’s playing jump rope on top of a huge purple mushroom head when Blue Toadie sees him. Blue Toadie likes sneaking up on other animals, especially toads. So Yellow Toadie won’t see him, Blue Toadie hides behind a close-by, thick flower stem. He peeks out from behind the stem so he can get a better look at his yellow buddy. Yellow Toadie is bouncing up and down so quickly, and flinging the rope so rapidly, he makes Blue Toadie think that Yellow Toadie is just bouncing up and down on the mushroom head. With a confused look on his face, Blue Toadie sits down. Why is he jumping like that? he asks himself. He checks again, just to reassure himself he isn’t hallucinating. Sure enough, the scene hasn’t changed.

Blue Toadie shrugs, then runs under the purple mushroom his best friend is currently hopping on. Blue Toadie suddenly realizes Yellow Toadie is singing an off-tune song. It goes sort of like this:

I’m a toad, and I like hopping on mushrooms…mushrooms…

I’m a toad, and I like eating macaroons…macaroons…

Blue Toadie does his best not to grin. At least it rhymes, he tells him-self, then slowly climbs up onto the purple mushroom. “BOO!” he cries, lunging at Yellow Toadie.

Yellow Toadie merely hops to the side to avoid Blue Toadie’s lunge, then returns to his skilled jump roping while humming the off-tune tune to his little song.

“How did you do that?!” demands Blue Toadie, climbing back onto the mushroom head. His hurtle has thrown him off the other side of the mushroom, knocking him onto the ground. He now rubs the side of his head that hit the ground.

“Skill,” Yellow Toadie tells him with his squeaky voice. “That’s all it takes.”

Tell me if you like it! 😉



I'm a twelve-year old homeschooled Christian who loves nuthatches. Don't forget to check out my blogs! https://nuthatchlover.wordpress.com/

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3 comments on “I Don’t Mean to Neglect
  1. Redwriter says:

    xD Love it!! 😀

  2. elrock1 says:

    This is awesome! My sister is obsessed with Mario Bros. right now. The toads are really cute, and they give you cool bonuses!

  3. Maggie ♥ says:

    Redwriter: Thanks! 😉

    Elrock1: Thanks! 😀 Bonuses? I didn’t know they gave bonuses…lol 😆

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