SpongeBob Quotes! #2

Here are some quotes from one of my favorite episodes from Season One of SpongeBob SquarePants!

These quotes are from the episode “Plankton!”

Quote #1

{Shortly after Plankton takes control of SpongeBob, the sponge busts through Squidward’s wall and out the other side. Squidward starts talking when SpongeBob turns around.}

With a scowl on his face, SpongeBob says, “Shut your mouth, you mediocre clarinet player.”

Squidward, looking horrified and surprised at the same time, squeaks, “Mediocre?”

Quote #2

{When Plankton is about to force SpongeBob to put a Krabby Patty inside his robot wife to find out what Krabby Patties were made out of, he accidentally falls inside his wife.}

Plankton’s wife bleeps, “1% evil, 99% hot gas.”

Plankton pops up on his wife’s screen. Looking depressed, he mutters, “Well, this stinks.”




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2 comments on “SpongeBob Quotes! #2
  1. gardengrl36 says:

    Hehe! The second one is so funny!

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