New Wii Remote, and Remote Accessory!

So…after Joshua and I finished lunch, we started doing electronics. 😀 (Before that, we were doing school). Mom opened the door and found a brown package! O.e  We weren’t expecting anything (OR SO WE THOUGHT!) so Joshua and I were eager to find out what it was. It turned out to be a new Wii Remote, and Accessory! :mrgreen:

     You see, we had been looking at Wii stuff on last week. We were thinking about getting a Wii Sports Resort attatchment thingie, but they cost $12!!! 🙄 But then Mom and Dad surprised us and and got us a new controller and the accessory so we can play two player on Wii Sports Resort.! 😀

     We got a plain white remote…not a pink, blue, and/or black. 😉 Black looks pretty awesome, though…I just found that picture on Bing a few minutes ago. 😆

     So, yeah. I’ve got to get off the computer now…but I’ll be back, later! 😀




I'm a twelve-year old homeschooled Christian who loves nuthatches. Don't forget to check out my blogs!

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