Cracker Barrel Dinner!

(Above) Joshua and I sitting on bench outside Cracker Barrel! :mrgreen:

Lol, the picture above and the picture below are hilarious. 😆

Mom and I sitting on the bench together! 😀

After taking all the pictures on Cracker Barrel’s porch, we went back to the car to get Samuel (Dad had stayed with Sammy), there was this lady walking her dog, Sam. 😀 She and who she was with (we only met her and Sam) were from North Carolina, and they had just gotten back from Flordia and were passing through GA to go home. 😀

Isn’t Sam cute? 😀 His owner said that he’s a hunting dog (his breed, anyway 😉 He’s not a hunting dog)

While we were waiting for our food, I tried to get some good pictures of Mom and Samuel…but Samuel was too fascinated by the new surroundings that he couldn’t stop looking around. 😀 Here’s the best pic I got (it’s not very good…he looks weird):

After we finshed eating, we went into the Country Store. I was browsing, knowing that I probably wouldn’t be able to buy anything since I only had three dollars. But then, I saw…

…MS. HELLO KITTY LAMB! 😀 Isn’t she the most ADORABLE thing you ever saw?! :mrgreen: Although I have to admit, she’s not half as cute as Baby Garfield. 😉 My mom and I split the price. We’re keeping her out until Easter, then we’re putting her away. 😛

So, here she is, posing on a Cracker Barrel bench outside after we purchased her. 😉 Look out for photo shoots of her and Baby Garfield on my Photography blog! 😀

See ya!

Maggie 😀


I'm a twelve-year old homeschooled Christian who loves nuthatches. Don't forget to check out my blogs!

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2 comments on “Cracker Barrel Dinner!
  1. Hannah says:

    Samuel is soooo cute!

  2. Maggie ♥ says:

    Thank you! :mrgreen: Yes, I know; he IS adorable. 😉


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