Dishwasher/Coffee Maker Reminders

A few years ago, in December, I had no idea what to get or what to make for my dad for a present. Mom came to the rescue and suggested that I make one of these!:

A reminder thingie! 😀 Not sure what to call them…haha! When the dishes are clean, you flip the thing to say clean. When they’re dirty, you flip the thing back! 😉 They’re really easy to make, too! 😀

All you need is…

  • Wooden Tags
  • Bath and Coffee Scrapbook Stickers
  • White String

You’ll also need…

  • Small pieces of paper that say “Dishes Are”, “Clean”, “Dirty”, “Coffee Is”, “Decaf”, and “Regular”

Here are the 4 simple steps! 😀

  1. Arrange the scrapbook stickers on the tags in what order you want them.
  2. Glue on the small pieces of paper to the tags – Dishes Are and Coffee Is on the bigger tags, Clean Dirty Decaf and Regular on the smaller tags.
  3. On one, string a piece of string through the smaller tag, then apply a piece of Velcro to the back of the bigger tag. Do same with other Reminder. (If this was seriously confusing, see last picture of post)
  4. On the back of the bigger tag, apply the Velcro on top of the string.

They both turned out just great! 😀

We just made the dishwasher and coffee maker Reminders, but you could make it for other things, as well. :mrgreen:

So, this is what the back looks like! 😀 All the black thing on the back is Self-Adhesive Velcro! You stick the adhesive onto the back of it, put a piece of Velcro on the wall (or wherever you want it), then you have your little Reminder! 😀




I'm a twelve-year old homeschooled Christian who loves nuthatches. Don't forget to check out my blogs!

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2 comments on “Dishwasher/Coffee Maker Reminders
  1. mary says:

    That is a really cool idea!

  2. Maggie ♥ says:

    Thanks! 😀 It was a huge success! We no longer have to ask, “Is the stuff in the dishwasher clean?” 😉


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