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Yellow Warbler
Dendroica petechia

Description: 4 1/2-5″ Bright yellow with light olive green tinge on back, male has fine rusty streaks on breast, the only largely yellow warbler with yellow (not white) spots in tail

Habitat: Very common in marshes, swamps, streamside groves, willow and alder thickets, open woodlands with thickets, orchards, gardens, coastal mangroves

Nesting: 4-5 pale blue eggs thickly spotted with brown, in a well-made cup of bark, plant fibers and down, lined with soft fibers, placed in an upright fork in a small sapling

Range: Breeds across much of North America,  winters in tropics

Voice: Song is a bright, musical sweet-sweet-sweet – sweeter than sweet, call a sharp chip

Diet: Insects, worms, few berries

Notes: One of most widespread of warblers with great geographical variation, principal victim of cowbird, warbler often responds by burying it along with some of its own eggs underneath a new nest, nests with up to six layers have been found, females occasionally steal nesting material from each other, quite tame garden bird in east.

Special Thanks To: http://www.birdsofoklahoma.net/Yellwarb03.htm

So…I was searching for a picture of a Yellow Warbler when a picture of another warbler showed up! I clicked on the picture, and found this website, and awesome picture 😀 :

This website is awesome! 😀 It has a ton of different birds to check out and learn about! That’s where I got the picture above from. 😉 It’s a Golden-Cheeked Warbler. 😀 Pretty, isn’t it? Too bad we don’t have it where I live. 😦 Oh, well! 😉 Enough other birds around here to keep me satisfied! 😉




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